Project Proceeds to Final Plan Development

Earlier this month, Project Leads Scott E. and Bob M. were happy to report that the EWB-USA project manager was impressed with the Post-Assessment Report, and the project has been approved for proceeding to Final Plan Development. (To learn more about how the EWB process works, check out the “Project Process” page on the EWB-Chicagoland website.)

To celebrate this milestone,  Scott E. (PI of the Armenta Water Distribution Project) wanted to share the timeline of movement since last year:

  • Project kicked off in late 2011 with a large and energetic design and fundraising team ready to help design and raise funds to fix a much needed water distribution problem in the community of Armenta Honduras
  • In April 2012 a team of eight EWB members traveled to Armenta Honduras for 6 days to assess and gather data from the community and the project site.  The team visited the homes of the community members to interview the residents and gather essential data on water usage.  Additionally EWB representatives surveyed the existing water distribution system to better assess the current situation and develop future requirements that will address the needs of the community.
  • In June 2012 the design team established a basis for design and has developed a preliminary list of major design features and a budgeted estimate for materials required.

Information on the upcoming golf outing fundraising event, to take place on Tuesday, September 18th at 2:3opm, will be posted shortly… We hope to see you there!