In Memory of Adonai Lopez

This page has been set up as memorial for Eric Adonai Lopez, Pastor Neptali’s son, in support of his family and father.

One week ago, Adonai Lopez was fatally shot and killed in San Pedro Sula by thieves who wanted his laptop. Pastor Neptali (he’s on the far right in the picture) is responsible for bringing the EWB team to this community to build the bridge.

We have set up a PayPal account that will serve as a single source collection for memorial donations. There is no obligation to contribute. Only if you desire. All contributions will be collected over the next three weeks and then the site will close. Funds will be given in person thru Sam Contreras, an EWB member from our past bridge project, who will travel to Honduras and deliver them in person to Pastor Neptali on our behalf. Thank you ahead of time for your generous considerations.

Donations are now closed.

Thank you for your thoughts and contributions!
With your help, we were able to raise over $2,000 for Adonai Lopez’s Family.

From Scott’s email to the team:

Pastor Neptali has had a dream that he started sharing with me back in 2009.  The dream starts with 2 block wall classrooms and a roof.  He will teach adults how to repair cars (his past experience) and he’ll have others teach the younger school children.  He has drawn up plans and has it all worked out.  This is just the start and when he talks about it, his eyes sparkle with delight.  The last couple of years I’ve been trying to see if there would be some way I could tie his dream to an EWB project, but I’m always too busy with other projects to make it happen.  Now with the passing of his younger son, Adonai, I feel compelled to provide the same care to Pastor Neptali and the entire Lopez family as he has shown the community of Armenta every day.  I’d like to challenge us (especially those who know Pastor Neptali) to share with the person who many of us have come to greatly admire as a memorial to his lost son.