Corporate Giving Campaign

We are excited to announce the start of the Corporate Giving Campaign
for the Armenta Water Project! Help us raise $50,000 by December 31st...

A Call to Action:

Your company could provide the Armenta Project with a sediment tank ($1,000 donation), a dam ($3,000), or empower a wonderful community with the generous gift of a water tank ($30,000). A donation of $7,000 would cover the cost of local, skilled labor on site; a gift of $5,000 would provide the generator, concrete mixer, saws, and other equipment needed to develop the Armenta Water Distribution System. It is the sum of all these parts that will make the Armenta Project a success!

Children of Armenta

Your donation is tax-deductible and will go to a trusted, tested non-profit; our team has developed award-winning projects in the past (like the Canchias Bridge Project), and the Chicagoland EWB Chapter was awarded the nationwide Premier Professional Chapter of 2012, as well as the Premier Great Lakes Region Chapter for the past two years. You can view the EWB-USA Annual Report here.

Corporate donations will additionally receive recognition (using a linked logo or other image provided) on the EWB-USA Chicagoland Professional Chapter and Armenta Project websites, as well as project-specific promotional flyers and presentations.

Campaign Goal:

 Campaign Deadline:


 December 31st, 2012

The Story:

Access to clean water is an advantage that many in developing nations lack. The ability to walk up to a faucet and be able to instantly have clean water is a desperate need for many. Engineers without Borders Chicago Professional Chapter has been working with the community of Armenta, a village of 350 homes, consisting of approximately 2,300 people in northwest Honduras, to develop a solution to meet the basic their need of access to clean water.

EWB team working with Armenta locals

Engineers without Borders (EWB) is an organization that supports community driven development programs that help to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders. EWB works hand in hand with the community ensuring an accountable and meaningful collaboration between vested and valued partners.

Cutting wood for a new bridge

EWB is dedicated to making a difference in the world and the Chicagoland Professional Chapter is working very hard to make a positive difference in Northwest Honduras.  A team made up of over 80 devoted volunteers has donated their time and expertise towards designing and implementing an improved water distribution system in Armenta.
The EWB Armenta Water Distribution Project is inviting Corporate Partners to be involved with this wonderful project. Making a donation to EWB, a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization, is a way for organizations to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. A charitable donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated and all donations will be recognized by your company’s name and logo appearing on our website and in marketing materials. Donating to EWB is a great way to help people in need while supporting the engineering community.

Armenta children lending a helping hand to the EWB project

Please join the EWB Armenta Water Distribution Team in helping to bring clean water to the people of Armenta.



Thus far, EWB has raised $16,076 towards the next Armenta project. The target amount for the fundraiser is $50,000

The easiest way to donate is online, through the EWB-USA secure server. Please be sure to donate to the Chicagoland Professional Chapter: Armenta Project specifically.

         To donate by check, please make the checks out to: Engineers without Borders USA (Memo Line: Armenta Project 7134) and mail to Engineers Without Borders USA-CPC, 

P.O. Box 7740, 
Chicago IL 60680-7740.

The water system in Armenta will make every villager’s life significantly easier; a great reason to smile!

The Budget:

6” PVC & 6” Galvanized metal pipe $112,454
Concrete, rebar, and grate $2,864
New sediment tank
Cement, rebar and closed lid $1,176
New water tanks (2)
Cement, rebar, brick, lumber $30,048
Pipe bridges
Cement, sand, gravel, steel $20,939
Pipe supports
Cement, sand, gravel, steel $6,360
Mason and Pipe Fitters  $6,800
Generator, Concrete Mixer, saw, etc. $5,472
Goggles, gloves, fuel $2,560



This bridge was built for Armenta by our EWB team in 2009.


Please email Bethany Suwinski at or call at (847)962-3056.

Your company has the power to help empower a community with Engineers Without Borders!


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