Project Updates: Implementation Trip Scheduled!

The Armenta Water Distribution Project will begin Phase I implementation in March of 2013. Scott Eshleman, PI of the project, reports that the design team has done a wonderful job completing designs for the new water distribution system. Phase I drawings are in final review mode, and will be included in the Pre-Implementation Report. As a part of that report, Travel Team leaders and Health and Safety Officers for each of the Phase I Implementation Teams were identified. If you have any interest in becoming either, please connect with Scott!

That said, the team is also looking for volunteers interested in traveling on the trip. Traveling on this project will be pretty much open to any adult willing to share their time, strength and heart with this community. We can pretty much find something for every team member to contribute, so if you’re on the fence about traveling, please talk to Scott to figure out how best to use your strengths and what team you would best be suited for.

Updates emailed out to the team after the new year will include anticipated costs, travel preparations, etc.