“Era musica para nuestros oidos escuchar el chorro de agua”

After facing down unseasonably hot weather conditions, occasional equipment failure, and challenge after challenge, the Armenta community along with EWB volunteers and the Rotary leadership were able to open up the tank valves and watch as the newly installed 55,000 tank fill with water coming from the newly-installed transmission lines!

Shouts joy flowed along with the water as one community member proclaimed, “Era musica para nuestros oidos escuchar el chorro de agua!” (“Hearing the running water was music to our ears!”) For some, it’s the first time in over four years that fresh water has been made available directly in the household.

Next up, Ministry of Health workers alongside third year social work students are working with the community to kick off the Hygiene Training Program. Community members have embraced this program and have started running with it.

Every new day serves up another great testament to the tenacity and organization of this community!


Armenta Tank